NYT’s Green Blog No More

Last Friday, the New York Times shuttered its Green blog, a popular and widely followed environmental news outlet that published over five thousand posts during its three-year operation.

Of course, I was very disappointed to learn of the news. The Green blog made some important scoops over its relatively brief life online and some of these ended up being presented on this very portal.

As someone who works in news media, part of wants to sympathize with the Times management. Since I got out of college nearly 10 years ago, I’ve been acutely aware of the tough challenges facing print media. This decision was surely neither easy nor popular within that organization.

However, given that the newspaper also recently dismantled its Environment desk, I have to question how the country’s third largest newspaper by circulation hopes to give proper attention to environmental stories, especially as the stakes on this front are only being raised by the day. 

The timing of these closures could not be worse. With the nation engaged in such intense, thorny conversations about energy and climate change, where is the wisdom in such an influential voice essentially bowing out of the discourse?

The twin blows against NYT coverage of such vital topics strike me not only as misguided, but also socially irresponsible, as well. So despite my solidarity with my fellow news professionals in New York, I am very much critical of this move. 

In 2010, NYT Green’s promise was bold. Three years later, it seems to have been abandoned. The Society of Environmental Journalists has a good roundup on this “Erosion of the Environmental Beat.”

08. March 2013 by NGP
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