Dispose of Old Laptops Safely and Securely

A new electronics recycling law took effect in Pennsylvania late last month, prompting me to take stock of all my gizmos and gadgets that have too rapidly grown obsolete. I remembered that I was still in possession of an Apple iBook, a relic that I had for some reason dragged with me over several moves, even after the machine quit on me in the mid-2000s. I held onto the thing for years because I wanted its toxic components kept out of the landfill, but never ended up finding an easy and responsible way to rid myself of it.

Enter EraseMyLaptop, a business that I found after a quick search online. This recycler disposes of old laptops in a safe, secure manner by thoroughly wiping all data from the computers’ hard drives before recovering parts and materials for reuse and resale. This ensures that your old computer does not enter the hazardous e-waste stream, while preserving the security of any personal files may remain on the machine after you have stopped using it.

How it works: You fill out a form online, EML sends you a prepaid UPS label to ship your laptop to them. Within a few days, you receive email confirmation that the contents of your machine have been erased according to the highest standards, and that the device will be processed according to the company’s zero-landfill policy. Finally, if you reuse an old box as a package, the entire transaction is completely free!

Through this efficient process, the company has diverted over five tons of laptops from the landfill. To my delight, EML is local business based here in Philadelphia (but they accept laptops from all over the US), making me all the happier with my computer recycling experience.

04. February 2013 by NGP
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